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IRONMAN Malaysia

Job Scope
Public Relations (Traditional & Digital)
10 IRONMAN events since 2015

Strengthen the IRONMAN brand in Malaysia as the vanguard of triathlon race whilst serving as the driving force behind the industry growth in Malaysia and propel athlete interest.

Curate compelling profile stories as well as develop meaningful media partnerships to strategically position IRONMAN as the forefront dynamic influencer in the multisport community as well as fostering enduring connections with athletes and enthusiasts alike.

RM83 mil+

PR Value

1,300 +

IRONMAN Malaysia

INK has been an integral part of the IRONMAN brand in Malaysia since 2015, establishing into a foremost specialist in Sport PR.

INK has successfully delivered continuous traditional and digital publicity to elevate the spotlight of not just on the IRONMAN brand, but also its commitment towards the thriving multisport ecosystem and grassroot development.

Year on year, our achievements stand as a testament to our success with comprehensive coverage secured from all major broadcast channels and leading newspapers fin Malaysia as well as garnered attention from relevant online media titles from around the Asia-Pacific region, affirming INK’s prowess in crafting compelling narratives that resonate locally as well as regionally.

As a result of the substantial surge of interest within the community, IRONMAN’s presence in Malaysia has evolved from hosting a single event to managing two distinct destinations. This expansion not only meets the growing interest of participants but also underscores IRONMAN’s commitment to enhancing tourism and fostering socio-economic development. By extending events to multiple locations, IRONMAN plays a pivotal role in contributing to the economic vitality of these regions.

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