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Inkling on Ink


Imagine, if you would, your message being akin to the thoughts in the mind of a writer. Just like the writer’s thoughts, your message, however important, interesting or unique, can only be shared with the use of an appropriate medium or channel – like the ink a writer may use to pen his thoughts.

That’s where we come in. Think of us as the ideal channel to communicate your message with the world – the ink in your pen, if you will.

But of course, by ‘pen’, we mean a whole plethora of communication channels. Because in this day and age, the range of touch points with your consumers are not only endless, but are constantly evolving.

Hence, a modern PR campaign should utilise the full range of traditional, online, outdoor, on-ground and social mediums available in order to maximise its effectiveness. In addition to the above, the message disseminated should be coherent, consistent, unique and relevant. Perhaps most importantly, any good PR campaign must breed interest and interaction.

We understand this only too well, and it is this experience and understanding, together with our close relationship and rapport with local and regional media, that allows us to provide you with the best possible public relations coverage for your service, product or event.

And when it comes to all your public relations or communication needs, just remember – don’t just think it, INK it.

Our foothold in SPORTS..

With the rise of international sports events held in Malaysia, it was timely to expand our horizons into the Sports PR sector.

As one of the strongholds in Sports PR, our rapport with the sports media has help spread the latest news about local sports from the most updated results to the athletes’ insight. This has not only benefitted the public’s interest by adding great reading material, but also generated new public interest in sports as a whole.

The creative means of publicity doesn’t just lie with traditional media. We also believe in the all-rounded means of online and social media network platforms to going on-ground into the fields to provide you optimised publicity for straight up sports as well as fitness lifestyle events.

So when it comes to sports publicity, just remember – The Back Page is the New Front Page!